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Nationwide project for a Solid Waste Landfill (Step 1) + Waste to Energy Plant (Step 2) – Southern Asia
+ Nationwide Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Goods (Step 3) – Southtern Asia

REF: -E36 -000265

Azienda Richiedente – Applicant Company

Nationwide commendable project for an organic waste landfill, a renewable energy plant and an integrated cold chain logistics that will spur economic growth in one of the fastest-growing politically-stable countries in Southern Asia. The project is as follows:

Set up of a large landfill site disposing of organic waste. The plot of land for the landfill has already been identified and the landfill authorization has already been issued, therefore, the project could be expected to kick-off within a few months. The landfill is sponsored and financed (through a minority stake) by the central government and the local authority. The latter could guarantee a min. 1,000 tons of waste a day, from a catchment area that consists of 12 million people. The overall project is promoted by an Italian environmental engineering firm and the pooling of investors and provision of financial services is handled by a Swiss trust company. The investment required ranges from 5-10 million USD.

By a means of a cutting-edge modular and transportable energy production technology, the waste will be transformed into eco-fuel, biogas, and thermal energy (waste to energy). The national energy grid management authority has agreed to purchase the electricity generated by the renewable energy plant at a predetermined price. Since it's a modular technology, the investment required ranges from 25-75 million USD.
The payback period for steps 1+2 is expected to range from 6-7 years.

By using the power recovered from the energy plant, investors could further participate in another financial investment. It relates to the setup of a large cold storage facility for perishable goods and subsequently, to the spread of an integrated nationwide cold chain logistics that will preserve and freeze fruits, vegetables and fish provided by a wealthy economy in Southern Asia with strong prospects for growth.

This project definitively represents an ecological, economic and social turning point that it will radically transform the well-being and economic development of a whole country.

Operazione Proposta – Transaction Proposed

We are looking for large-scale public and private investors interested in funding a nationwide waste + energy project (Investors Pool 1 – through a Public Private Partnership – P.P.P.) or funding an agri-food + fish trading & logistics business (Investors Pool 2 – P.P.P. or Private Partnership). International development financial institutions dedicated to promoting social and economic development in Asian Developing countries are particularly welcome.


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Informazioni rilevantiLandfill authorization already issued and plot of land for landfill already identified