ProINVESTO.IT provides owners of businesses, infrastructures, real estate properties and assets in Italy a comprehensive range of accurate and effective M.&A. services such as: the online Pubblication of Confidential Ads" on ProINVESTO.IT portal; the systematic Targeting of Potential Buyers (domestic and global) and high qualified and tailor-made Sell-Side Transaction Advisory. All services are delivered in a transparent manner and at an affordable cost, to successfully enable owners to achieve their objectives of:

  • SELL A BUSINESS – full or partial divestment of a business firm's equity stake or assets;
  • SELL AN INFRASTRUCTURE – full or partial divestment of an infrastructural firm's equity stake or assets;
  • SELL A REAL ESTATE PROPERTY – full or partial disposal of a real estate company's equity stake or assets;
  • SELL AN ASSET – full disposal of material or immaterial corporate assets (patents, trademarks, ecc.).

Publication of Confidential Ads

ProINVESTO.IT online Publication of Confidential Ads allows owners of companies, infrastructure, properties and assets (and their exclusive agents) to present their “Confidential Sale-Ads", to the national and global community of Potential Buyers and to benefit of the representation, promotion, screening and guidance services offered by HELVIA, an international trust company that since 1984 it has built an impressive track record on the M.&A. market in Italy. To publish your Confidential Ad, you must select a period of publication (from 1 to 6 months), register yourself as a user, choose the online folder “New Ad" and the desired transaction (“Sell a Business – …", etc.). Hereafter, just by following the online driven process, you deliver the required information (both confidential and public), propose and preview your Ad and confirm and settle the purchase order. Before publication, your Ad will be screened and optimized by ProINVESTO.IT professionals to make sure about its authenticity and anonymity, enhanced in its communication impact and translated into italian and other foreign languages. During publication through ProINVESTO.IT, any information request received from Potential Buyers, will be reviewed and selected by ProINVESTO.IT professionals, according to the instructions given by the Client. Any agent without an exclusive assignment as well as any would-be acquirer unable to afford the investment, will be rejectet by ProINVESTO.IT. Therefore the Client will only receive  the names and information related to the selected Potential Buyers that really match the given specs, with which the Client will activate contacts, arrange meetings, exchange information and establish negotiations. Please select the publication period you desire and submit your proposal of Confidential Ad:

1 Month (31 Days)

Find out whether your Business, Property or Project is appreciated by Investors. Post now your Ad!
99,00 (iva incl.)

3 Months (92 Days)

Explore the Market and gather more expressions of interest from Investors. The more they are, the better it is!
250,00 (iva incl.)


6 Months (183 Days)

Take your time to select carefully the future Acquirer of your Business or Property. It's worthwhile!
450,00 (iva incl.)

Ad + Targeting

UNMISSABLE! 6 Months Ad + Confidential Targeting of 20 Domestic Investors. Empower your Search!
950,00 (iva incl.)

Targeting of Potential Buyers

ProINVESTO.IT systematic Targeting of Potential Buyers is a more focused and direct service than the online Publication of Confidential Ads, since the business opportunity is carefully addressed to a selected sample of Potential Buyers (Target) which could be theoretically interested in assessing and seizing the opportunity. The systematic Targeting of Potential Buyers (surgical contact), if combined with the online Publication of Confidential Ads (mass global contact) – so called “COMBI" service – it allows you to maximize the chances of selling your business or property, by collecting quicker and more expressions of interest by Potential Buyers. To activate the Targeting service, you must select the size and location of Potential Buyers that you desire to reach-out (from 50 to 100 Targets – domestic or global). Please send to ProINVESTO.IT your Targeting request together with your instructions and the draft of the business opportunity you would like to be proposed. Then confirm and settle the purchase order. According to the information and instructions sent, ProINVESTO.IT professionals will draw, in italian or english language, the Presentation Letter together with the Investment Teaser and they will confidentially send and present them to the decision makers of the selected Potential Buyers (Owners, Chairman, Directors, Executives). Thereafter ProINVESTO.IT professionals will assess, gather and return to the Client all answers and expressions of interest given by Potential Buyers so that he could activate contacts, arrange meetings, exchange information and establish negotiations. Please select the size and location of Potential Buyers that you desire to contact and submit your draft of business opportunity:

Targeting ITALY
50 Domestic Contacts

Direct Contact of 50 Domestic Investors. Recommended for Opportunities with Local/Nat. Appeal!
1750,00 (iva incl.)


Targeting ITALY
100 Domestic Contacts

Direct Contact of 100 Domestic Investors. Recommended for Opportunities with National Appeal!
2950,00 (iva incl.)

Targeting GLOBAL
100 For. & Dom. Contacts

Direct Contact of 100 Foreign & Domestic Investors. Recommended for Opportunities with Global Appeal!
3750,00 (iva incl.)

Targeting + Ad

UNMISSABLE! Direct Contact of 100 Foreign & Domestic Investors + 6 Months Confidential Ad!
4150,00 (iva incl.)

Sell-side Transaction Advisory Services

Are you satisfied with the M&A services provided by ProINVESTO.IT so far? Have you received expressions of interest from Potential Buyers and you don't know what to do? Are you looking for a top expertise in Transaction Advisory to help you conducting negotiations, assessing business or property values, organizing data room, drawing or reviewing letter of intents and sale agreements? Do not worry! HELVIA and ProINVESTO.IT Professional Partners can assist you, elbow-to-elbow, along the whole sale process until the signing and closing of the sale transaction. Our experts are at your full disposal to provide you with the any kind of Sell-side transaction advisory service, such as: • set-up of information memorandum, business plans or financial forecasts; • evaluation of businesses or properties and assessment of potential synergies; • opening of negotiations, drawing of letters of intents, organization of data rooms and assistance along the due diligence process; • conducting of negotiations, structuring of the sale, drawing and reviewing of sale agreements and ancillary contracts; • carving-out and spinning-off of business units and any tax and financial advisory service related to divestment transactions.

If needed, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or by phone at: 0041 91 630 97 57. ProINVESTO.IT experts will boost your deal and will enable you to achieve an outstanding and tangible outcome from your divestiture!

I ask assistance to draw-up an Information Memorandum, Business Plan or Financial Forecast
I ask assistance to carry-out a Business Evaluation or a Study of Potential Synergies
I ask assistance to draw-up a Letter of Intent, conduct Negotiations or a Due Diligence
I ask assistance to draft or review a Sale Agreement and for Tax & Financial Planning